Vaccine and Novel Immunotherapeutic Development: A Personal Quest

Like my colleagues at Covance, my work ultimately contributes to improving Vaccine and Novel Immunotherapeutic Development Covance Bloghealthcare and patients’ lives. Our efforts to accelerate fresh approaches towards effective treatments became deeply personal in 2007 when my oldest sister, Vicki, was diagnosed with advanced Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC).

From her initial diagnosis, my sister was full of vitality and enjoyed a high quality of life due in part to several of the novel treatments that Covance had helped develop. She even participated in a long-term clinical trial involving an angiogenesis-inhibitor, in addition to traditional chemotherapy, during her early treatment.

Vicki became a student of her diagnosis, reading countless journal articles on the rapid advances in scientific understanding. When her health took a sharp decline, she asked for my support in helping her gain access to a new trial focused on the immune system. She wanted to do whatever she could to help others find a better treatment, or even a cure, for TNBC. Ultimately, she was too weak to make the journey to participate in a cutting-edge clinical trial. Vicki died on October 1st, 2013.

Shortly after her death, Covance asked me to help refine their Vaccine and Novel Immunotherapeutic Clinical Laboratory Solutions. This was the fresh perspective that I needed to look at the industry with a new lens and rebuild my optimism.

With the creation of an expert team of scientists and study management personnel solely dedicated to vaccines and novel immuntotherapeutics, I feel encouraged knowing that our team will continue to make an impact across a variety of areas including infection disease, oncology, neurology, allergy, and other potential applications. Our strategic partnership allows sponsors to focus on the results and advance treatments to those in need.

If you were like me, desperately waiting for a therapeutic or vaccine to find a cure, you understand the urgency to create impactful treatments sooner. And while the pain of a great loss may never fade, it gives me peace to know that my work continues to echo Vicki’s voice and will transform patients’ lives in the future.

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