An Insider’s View on Working for Covance

Since starting my drug development journey as quality assurance manager in a laboratory Working for Covance that would later become part of Covance to now serving as the CEO, I’ve witnessed our industry’s notable shift to support more nimble drug development. From improved trial design to companion diagnostics and more predictive insights fueled by advanced informatics, it’s exciting to see bold ideas enable smarter decisions and speed the introduction of groundbreaking therapies.

Progress is evident in many areas—starting at early phases through market access—but one factor remains constant throughout the years: our hard-working employees continue to advance innovation. They are the reason we can deliver unique perspectives that shape new solutions and carry out the vision of a healthier future.

Leveraging LabCorp capabilities

How can our employees continue to empower this future state of drug development? We’re already seeing impressive results with our new access to LabCorp testing capabilities and data as part of last year’s acquisition.

For example, companion diagnostics are delivering new capabilities for screening patients and our data scientists can now access LabCorp test results—11 billion in total—to quickly identify the physicians who can best support a sponsor’s trial. Combined with our global central laboratory network that handles more than 40% of the world’s clinical studies, our employees are in a unique position to deliver an entirely new level of insights to better inform and operate trials.

Impacting the entire development spectrum

As I’m often explaining to my colleagues outside of the industry, Covance is much more than testing and clinical trials. Our employees impact the entire spectrum of development, from early phase support to proof of concept all the way to solutions for stronger market access, for companies both big and small.

And, while Covance is a large company that has impacted every one of the top 50 prescription drugs on the market today, we don’t just cater to the top drug companies. In fact, over 500 small and emerging biotechs and mid-sized pharmaceuticals count on our experience, choosing to work with us year after year.

A wide reach. Focused roles.

With this broad span of solutions and expertise of the market, we employ a variety of roles, such as scientists, project managers, operational specialists and clinical research associates, among many others. Nearly one-quarter of these employees have been on staff for at least a decade, speaking to our community atmosphere and opportunity for career growth.

The industry has taken notice of our employees as well. Last year, we made the “Corporate Diversity Honor Roll” from IMDiversity and were part of Flexjobs’ “Top 100 Companies for Remote Job Opportunities.”

Internally, when I speak with managers and employees, I often hear that they appreciate the training opportunities and support from their team. Our environment makes even a large organization like Covance feel like a supportive network of colleagues that value each individual’s contributions.

One Covance, one employee at a time

Looking ahead, we’re aiming to increase our reach in the market and make more of a difference to patients in need. Even though our expertise spans multiple therapeutic areas like cardiovascular, diabetes, inflammation, oncology, neuroscience, infectious disease and rare diseases, we operate as One Covance, sharing our knowledge across business units to improve our efficiency and deliver better value to our customers.

Achieving our future goals requires a dedicated vision and support from each of our employees. Let’s work together and see how we can impact healthcare by helping our clients bring new drugs to market and living up to our motto: Solutions Made Real®.

To learn more about how you can make a difference in drug development, please visit the Covance careers site.