About Michael Cockman, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Cockman obtained his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Florida in 1988 with a focus on magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy. He was a postdoctoral fellow for two years with AT&T Bell Laboratories, followed by fifteen years with Procter and Gamble and three years with Eli Lilly and Company. Dr. Cockman joined Covance in 2008, where he is the manager of the Imaging Center and the scientific lead for magnetic resonance imaging applications.

Obtaining Early Insights Into Safety and Efficacy: The Benefits of Preclinical In Vivo Imaging

The benefits of preclinical in vivo imagingFirst established as a standard practice in clinics, in vivo imaging also benefits translational or preclinical research. For the past 25 years, many studies have relied on in vivo imaging as a method to quantify treatment response and gain early insights on efficacy. Now, as the technology advances, researchers can expect to benefit from greater spatial resolution and software advancements that allow faster, cost-effective translation of study results.

“Imaging often gives you unique information that can’t be obtained any other way.  The phenomena that you would observe preclinically may be the same disease state in the clinical trial,” says Michael Cockman, Senior Scientist and Manager of the Imaging Center at Covance. “It’s common to hear from a client who wants to test a type of imaging, called a modality, in a particular disease state to find out if it is appropriate for clinical development later.” Continue reading