About Mark Holbrook and Mark A. Osinski

Mark Holbrook currently serves as Vice President, Global Lead Safety Pharmacology & Safety Assessment at Covance in Harrogate, UK. Mark A. Osinski is Study Director-Manager and Site Lead, Global Safety Pharmacology at Covance in Madison, WI.

The CiPA Debate: What You Should Know

ecg-printoutH1Debate around best practices for safety pharmacology continued on December 11, 2014 as global regulators, drug developers and scientists from contract research organizations gathered in Silver Spring, MD for a workshop on the Comprehensive in vitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CiPA) and the clinical QT testing initiatives that stand to create a new paradigm in cardiac safety testing and drug development.

So, what led to the proposal for this sweeping change and why the debate? Continue reading