An Agile, Career-Focused Business Develops From Within

Jonathan Zung, Group President, Clinical Development & Commercialization Services, has only been at Covance for a short time, but he already has big plans Jonathan Zung Careers Blog An Agile, Career-Focused Business Develops From Within Covancefor the future of our clinical and commercialization businesses, as well as fresh ideas on talent development.

We recently spoke with him to learn more about his passion for operational excellence, and ideas for helping us develop and nurture our own careers. Continue reading

Video: Disrupting the CRO

Last month while at Disruptive Innovations US, Soloman Babani, Global VP, Alliance Management at Covance caught up with Valerie Bowling from The Conference Forum to discuss the role of the CRO in creating disruptive innovations in pharma and clinical development. Check out the interview below to gain expert insight into the topics discussed at this unique event, which brought together senior leaders from top CROs to discuss this issue openly and honestly. Learn about what the future looks like, specifically related to profits and R&D spending, as well as what can be done to help reduce prices.

Disrupting the CRO:

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